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Our newsletter “German Business Law News“ contains current court decisions and developments in the field of German business law. It specifically addresses our international clients who are interested in the German market and/or are doing business in Germany. It is released in German and English language on a quarterly basis.

Cover of the GBL-Newsletter 04/2014

Latest Issue: Winter 2014

Corporate Law

  • Contractually defined non-solicitation agreements between companies illegal 

Tax Law

  • Income-related expenses: loss deduction for a silent partner 
  • Annual Financial Statements 2013: Disclosure deadline ends December 31, 2014 

Customs Law

  • Business travel under the oversight of customs 

Labor and Employment Law

  • What you need to know about parental benefits in Germany 

Banking and Capital Markets Law

  • CoCo Bonds: Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin doubts suitability for private investors 
  • U.S. Supervisory Authority in New York: regulation "light" for Bitcoin startups? 

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