Beate Klasen, HR Director, HR Executive & Strategist (DGFP), Business Graduate (Diplom-Kauffrau)
Beate Klasen, HR Director, HR Executive & Strategist (DGFP), Business Graduate (Diplom-Kauffrau)

Beate Klasen

HR Director, HR Executive & Strategist (DGFP), Business Graduate (Diplom-Kauffrau)

Beate Klasen is responsible for our firm's human resources management. She is our employees' and executives' competent contact for all personnel-related matters.

In addition to consulting on all aspects of adequate training and development measures, she is in charge of personnel recruitment and selection. Employer branding and optimizing processes, structures, and instruments within the entire HR department are also part of her scope of duties.

Beate Klasen completed both a banking apprenticeship and a business administration degree course at Würzburg Julius-Maximilians University with majors in finance and human resources. 

Since 1995 she has been working in human resources management in the areas of finance and consulting. After positions at Deutsche Bank AG's Paris branch and the BMW branch near New York, Beate Klasen gained further experience as a personnel consultant and an HR business partner. She advised German executives at foreign branches and built new locations within Germany.

In tax-related and/or legal consulting, Beate Klasen has been in responsible human resources positions since 2007. As an external HR manager, she developed the Frankfurt office of a small highly specialized tax consultancy and discovered her passion for recruitment and personnel development. From 2013 to 2017, she was an HR director with Brinkmann & Partner, a medium-sized partnership of attorneys at law, tax advisors, and insolvency administrators. 

Beate Klasen is a mother of two children. She volunteered in the establishment and extension of a trilingual day nursery and elementary school. Concepts like "work-life-balance" and "family-friendly workplaces" are topics that she knows well and will further develop for our firm. Thanks to her systemic coaching education and various qualifications in health management in the areas of sports and nutrition, she will provide valuable input to WINHELLER. 

Associations and Volunteering

  • BPM – Bundesverband der Personalmanager (Federal Association of HR Managers)
  • DGFP – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung (German Association for Personnel Management)


German, English, French, Spanish