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Berdan Aksoy, Tax Accountant in training

Berdan Aksoy

Tax Accountant in training

Karoline Bäurle, Tax Accountant, Specialist Wages and Salary (IFU/ISM)

Karoline Bäurle

Tax Accountant, Specialist Wages and Salary (IFU/ISM)

Kerstin Bäßler, Senior Legal Assistant

Kerstin Bäßler

Senior Legal Assistant

Franziska Bender, Senior Legal Assistant

Franziska Bender

Senior Legal Assistant

Alexander Bosch, Senior Tax Accountant, Specialist Wages and Salary (IFU/ISM)

Alexander Bosch

Senior Tax Accountant, Specialist Wages and Salary (IFU/ISM)

Verena Brenner, M.A. Taxation, Tax Accountant

Verena Brenner

M.A. Taxation, Tax Accountant

Maria Chon, Senior Legal Assistant, Accountant (Endriss)

Maria Chon

Senior Legal Assistant, Accountant (Endriss)

Alexandra Eckelt, Accountant

Alexandra Eckelt


Felix Fischer, Tax Accountant in training

Felix Fischer

Tax Accountant in training

Luca Flaherty, Legal Assistant

Luca Flaherty

Legal Assistant

Jan Fönders, M.Sc., Tax Assistant

Jan Fönders

M.Sc., Tax Assistant

Sabrina Giebel, Tax Accountant, Specialist Wages and Salary

Sabrina Giebel

Tax Accountant, Specialist Wages and Salary

Emorfia Grillmayer-Di Liberto, HR Manager

Emorfia Grillmayer-Di Liberto

HR Manager

Patrizia Günther, Legal Assistant

Patrizia Günther

Legal Assistant

Patrick Huber, Tax Accountant

Patrick Huber

Tax Accountant

Galina Khening, Tax Accountant

Galina Khening

Tax Accountant

Verena Krick, Senior Legal Assistant

Verena Krick

Senior Legal Assistant

Lisa Lange, Legal Assistant

Lisa Lange

Legal Assistant

Siwen Ma, Tax Assistant

Siwen Ma

Tax Assistant

Christina Matussek, B.A., Director Operations Tax

Director Operations Tax

Christina Matussek

B.A., Director Operations Tax

Anna-Lena Meuth, Legal and Notary Assistant

Anna-Lena Meuth

Legal and Notary Assistant

Darya Meyer, Tax Accountant

Darya Meyer

Tax Accountant

Jennifer Müller, Foreign language assistant

Jennifer Müller

Foreign language assistant

Bianca Pflieger, Senior Tax Accountant

Bianca Pflieger

Senior Tax Accountant

Petra Scholz, Tax Accountant

Petra Scholz

Tax Accountant

Laura Schäfbuch, Tax Accountant

Laura Schäfbuch

Tax Accountant

Irina Stroevic, B.Sc., Tax Assistant, Payroll Accountant (Datev)

Irina Stroevic

B.Sc., Tax Assistant, Payroll Accountant (Datev)

Alina Tataru, Tax Accountant in training

Alina Tataru

Tax Accountant in training

Veronika Tervooren, Operations Manager (Tax), M.A.

Veronika Tervooren

Operations Manager (Tax), M.A.

Nihal Tuncel, Legal Assistant

Nihal Tuncel

Legal Assistant

Sina Wenk, Assistant to the Management

Sina Wenk

Assistant to the Management

Patrick Wieber, Tax Accountant

Patrick Wieber

Tax Accountant

Martin Wimmer, M.A. Taxation, Tax Assistant

Martin Wimmer

M.A. Taxation, Tax Assistant

Isabelle Wolf, B.A., Marketing Manager

Isabelle Wolf

B.A., Marketing Manager

Ekaterina Zubkova, Operations Manager, M.B.A.

Ekaterina Zubkova

Operations Manager, M.B.A.




Juve AwardLegal 500 Germany 2019
azur100: Top Employer for Lawyers 2021