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Our clients are national and international medium-sized and big companies successfully pursuing their business activities in various fields. In addition, we represent some of the most renowned institutional and wealthy private investors as well as national and foreign charitable and nonprofit organizations. On an ongoing basis, we have also been representing German public sector entities.

Who puts his trust in WINHELLER

Our clients are successful German and international medium-sized companies. In addition, we represent institutional and wealthy private investors and NPOs of all kinds as well as the public sector.

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Your English speaking lawyers in Germany

WINHELLER is your legal firm and tax expert in the fields of German and international business law and tax law. We also focus on corporate clients who require advice in the banking & finance field and we are one of the leading law and tax accounting firms in Germany when it comes to counselling charitable and nonprofit organizations and private foundations.

Trustful client — lawyer relationship

WINHELLER are committed to provide foresighted, results-oriented and practical solutions at the highest legal and ethical stage. As a matter of course, our legal and tax solutions pay off, are efficient and secure. But first and foremost, our shared success is based on mutual trust between our valued clients and our advisors and we will do everything in our power to establish an effective long-term relationship with you and your company as well.

Costs of a lawyer in Germany

German law firms have various cost structures. At WINHELLER, our individual legal services in Germany require individual fee agreements. Our law office generally offers our services on the basis of an hourly fee. This rate depends on the complexity of the case and the degree of specialization of the respective attorney working on your case.

If a case is more extensive or if a company or legal department is bound to a tight budget, we can also agree to a flat fee if this is reasonable for both parties.

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Attorneys in Germany and German tax consultants with outstanding reviews

Independent parties attest our German business lawyers and tax advisors impeccable expertise:

  • The specialized press relies on our expertise and regularly quotes our lawyers and accountants concerning current legal and tax issues. 
  • Germany’s "Who’s who" of law firms – JUVE German Commercial Law Firms – has repeatedly listed WINHELLER among the most frequently recommended law firms in Germany.
  • have received similar accolades from "Legal 500", "Acquisition International" ("German Tax Law Firm of the Year" and "German Business Law Firm of the Year"), "Corporate INTL" and "Global Law Experts" (both: "Foundations Law Firm of the Year in Germany").

Our firm has received outstanding reviews since its inception in 2006 when it was ranked among the top 10 medium-sized German business law firms by the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", the Soldan GmbH, the German Federal Bar and the German Federal Attorneys' Association. There are several more awards our German lawyers received during the last years.

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