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German Employment Law

Features of German labor and employment law

Any business activity in Germany that reaches a certain dimension raises employment law issues. WINHELLER offers comprehensive and competent employment law services. Our employment lawyers provide advice from the drafting of employment contracts to hiring and termination of employment relationships. We also have special knowledge in the areas of employee deployment as well as national and cross-border employee leasing.

In addition, we advise our clients on regulations regarding work agreements between employers and staff representatives as well as collective agreements between employers and trade unions. In the event of changes in the company structure, we work out agreements between the company and its work committee to minimize disruptions.

German Employment Law for Businesses

Legal consulting and representation in and out of court for all employment law issues

Our employment law specialists offer legal advice and representation in and out of court in all German employment law matters. We are specialized in advising foreign companies doing business in Germany. We also represent executive staff.

Up-to-date on changes regarding German labor law

German labor and employment law regulations are subject to frequent reforms and revisions. These reforms and revisions significantly affect and influence existing employment relationships. By taking these changes into account, we help our clients keep their individual policies, procedures and documents up-to-date and resolve any arising legal challenges.

Litigation in German employment law

Legal proceedings cost personal and financial resources. Therefore, it is important to avoid conflicts by arranging and negotiating fair and equitable solutions for any employment law issues. If any conflict arises, we prioritize quick and effective out-of-court solutions. If litigation is unavoidable, we represent our clients in courts throughout Germany.

Our employment law services

Our German employment attorneys advise on:

We also draft:

  • temporary and indefinite labor contracts
  • management service agreements
  • termination agreements
  • collective agreements between employers and trade unions
  • agreements between a company and its work council/committee to ease economic disadvantages for employees in the event of changes in the company structure

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