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Legal consulting and in- and out-of-court representation for all employment law matters

WINHELLER Attorneys at Law offer expert legal advice and representation in and out of court in all German employment law matters. Most of our clients are either medium-sized German companies or foreign companies doing business in Germany. We also represent executive staff.

Up-to-date on changes in the German labor law field

Labor and employment law provisions and interpretations are subject to frequent reforms and revisions by the German legislature and courts. These reforms and revisions significantly affect and influence existing employer-employee relations. By taking these changes into account, we help our clients keep their individual labor relations policies, procedures and documents up-to-date and resolve any new legal challenges that arise.

Our legal advice covers the entire employment law spectrum from the beginning of employer-employee relationships to notice of termination, mediation, arbitration and litigation, as well as termination agreements.

We also advise our clients on regulations concerning industrial relations, work agreements between employers and staff representatives, and collective agreements between employers and trade unions. And in the event of changes in the company structure, we work out agreements between the company and its work committee to minimize disruptions.  

Avoiding conflicts

Legal proceedings consume personal and financial resources. Therefore, at WINHELLER it is always our first intention to avoid conflicts by arranging and negotiating fair and equitable contracts. In the event of conflict, we prioritize quick and durable out-of-court solutions. If litigation is unavoidable, we represent our clients in courts throughout Germany.

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Working in Germany: The Seven Most Important Issues
Primerus Paradigm, Spring 2018, p. 32f.

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Your German Employment Lawyer

Your contact person for inquiries related to employment law issues is Attorney Dr. Eric Uftring (Certified Specialist for Employment Law). Please contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+49 (0)69 76 75 77 80).

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