Principles of the Firm

Germany-based Full Service Law Firm for Business and Nonprofit Law

WINHELLER Attorneys at Law & Tax Advisors are your legal experts in the fields of German and international business law and tax law as well as the law of private foundations and nonprofit and charitable organizations. We represent German and international medium-sized companies and big corporations, nonprofit organizations, institutional and private investors as well as financial services providers and insurance brokers. Our clients rely on our expertise in matters of nonprofit law, tax law and tax advisory, labor and employment law, IP law, banking and capital markets law, insurance law, corporate law and commercial law – to name only the most important practice areas.

Each of our attorneys is highly specialized in his field of expertise. Every attorney within our firm thus deals with issues of the field of law he is most proficient in. This provides you the assurance of being expertly informed and always up-to-date concerning new developments in case law and legislation.

Even in the event that your case should at some time present you with questions that do not fall within the specialized areas of the firm, cooperating law firms, both domestic and abroad, stand ready to guarantee comprehensive treatment of your case.

Our values

Our work is based on the following principles, which we also demand from our cooperating partners:

  • Integrity
  • Liability
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Highest quality of legal and tax advisory work and all the other services
  • Reasonable Fees
  • Continuing Education
  • Respectful treatment of clients, opponents, business and cooperation partners
  • Commitment to the community.

We live these values daily, because we are convinced that they are indispensable to the successful practice of law. The positive feedback and long-time loyalty of our clients are clear evidence that businesses and organizations seeking legal and tax advisory services share our values.

Being International is Important to us

Providing legal counsel on an international level is not restricted to the big international law firms with a staff of some hundred attorneys, where you have another associate as contact person in charge of your inquiries every other week, and end up being charged partner level rates up to between EUR 800 and 1.000. Quite the contrary, small teams of experts can successfully handle international cases if only they are part of an international network of lawyers and tax advisors they can rely on – just like we are. That is why, since the firm’s inception, WINHELLER has been dealing with cases for their clients that go far beyond national borders. Also, with us, you have a single contact person or a small team of experts in charge of all your legal questions – no matter how many jurisdictions are concerned by your case.

Out-of-Court Consulting

Out-of-court consulting is our day-to-day business. Providing you early on with far-sighted and comprehensive legal advice that proficiently accompanies your business decisions is significantly cheaper than engaging resources in extensive damage control measures later on. Our approach is to tackle problems before any legal conflict gets out of control or proportion. Consider us your outsourced legal department and talk to us early enough so that we can assist you successfully in avoiding trials in court.

Continuing Training and Education

Law is not carved in stone, but continuously developing. New court decisions, statutes and regulations are promulgated every day and require continuous specialized legal training and education efforts from our attorneys. At the same time, it is very important to us that we try to influence and shape law itself by publishing articles in legal journals and by expressing our legal views in public speeches and seminars. We work hard to be always up-to-date for our clients.

What You can Expect from WINHELLER

WINHELLER offer expert legal and tax advice – no more, no less. Only you, your interests and goals are the center of our work. The spectrum of our legal activities may differ from case to case. Yet our final goal is to provide you and your company with comprehensive and understandable legal help that is just designed to quickly and thoroughly address all your legal concerns:

Written and Oral Information
In some cases, our activity can be reduced to simple written or oral information. Such a limited legal advice is of course only possible if the circumstances do not require a more thorough approach.

Legal Opinions on Complex Matters
With respect to all more complex legal matters which need to be solved in a more thorough way, WINHELLER provide you with detailed legal advice that reflects the current state-of-the-art in the respective legal field. Our advice is designed to provide you with a strong legal basis for your future legal planning in and out of court. In addition, we will advise you on issues of compliance any time needed.

Projects and Negotiation
We will accompany the restructuring of your corporation, planned M&A transactions and other projects, from the legal and tax perspectives. When it comes to complex negotiations, we will advise you on how to conduct them successfully – discreetly from the background or representing you at the bargaining table.

Out-of-Court Solution of Disputes
In the event of disputes with the opposing party, we conduct, in close discussion with you, the legal dispute with the opponent in constant efforts to assist you in your right to out-of-court success, a process that you will find both fast and economically efficient.

Representation before Courts
WINHELLER represent you before all German courts, in the event that an out-of-court solution cannot be achieved. Also, through our international partners, we can represent you before the courts in foreign jurisdictions. In general, we only take such cases to court in which we assess the prospects for success to be clearly positive. Simply put, we take legal action only if we expect that we will win the case for you.

Do you need support?

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