German Business Law

Are you looking for local-counsel to advise you on German business law matters? Whether you are negotiating a contract, setting-up or managing a company or filing or defending a lawsuit, our experienced German business lawyers can assist. Our attorneys’ areas of legal expertise include

  • commercial law,
  • competition law,
  • compliance management,
  • contract law,
  • copyright law,
  • corporate law,
  • employment law,
  • estate planning in Germany,
  • immigration,
  • IP law,
  • privacy law, and
  • real estate law in Germany.

We can also advise and represent you in all German courts and dispute resolution proceedings.

Which German distribution channels are suitable for your company? What types of distribution agreements are there and what are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the roles and repsonsibilities of a commercial agent or an authorized dealer? When does a commission contract make sense? What about franchising in Germany, e-commerce or the drafting and adoption of general terms and conditions?

Whatever the question, our business attorneys can advise you on all aspects of German commercial law that are relevant for your business's growth and success in the German market. Whether you are developing or expanding distribution channels, drafting distribution agrrements or are considering litigation to resolve a dispute with German business partners, we can help.

Businesses everywhere, including Germany, must comply with competition laws. If you want to review the practices of a competitor, have been accused of anticompetitive practices or just need to know the ground rules, our business attorneys can help. We will determine which German and EU laws are relevant to your individual situation and will tell you how the relevant courts or administrative agencies interpret and apply these laws in practice. We can also assist you with the development of plans and measures that will limit your company’s liability and protect it against competitors’ anticompetitive practices.

Corporations doing business in Germany must follow German and/or EU standards for corporate compliance management. These standards vary depending on the industry or sector in which you are doing business. Our attorneys can explain which regulations are relevant to your business, advise you on how to make sure the management of your company complies with current legal standards and assist with the preparation and implementation of compliance programs. 

Contracts are an essential part of any business deal. They lay out, among other things, the details of a merger, they state what wage an employee shall receive and explain what the users of a website agree to by utilizing a given service. Our German attorneys can advise you on all aspects of German contract law. Whether you need a new contract or advice regarding an existing one, our German contract attorneys are here to help.

Our business attorneys assist clients from a variety of industries (including the entertainment, software, computer science, construction, motion picture and music publishing industries) in regards of all aspects of German and US copyright law. If you are looking for attorneys who can help you protect and enforce your copyrights (and related rights) in Germany and the EU, we are your ideal partner.

German corporate law offers a variety of corporate forms, including the GmbH (German limited liability company) and the AG (German stock corporation). Our business attorneys have advised and assisted numerous German and international companies, as well as charitable organizations, with the establishment of their businesses in Germany. We also regularly assist with M&A transactionscorporate restructuring and a variety of other corporate law matters.

We advise and represent national and international companies regarding all issues of German labor and employment law, such as the drafting of employment contracts, employee terminationdeploymentsecondment (staff leasing) and expatriate management. We also advise executive staff on all aspects of their personal employment relationships, e.g. employment contracts, occupational pension schemes, etc.

We provide full-service estate planning counseling to entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals. For each client we carefully review their individual needs and develop a plan that makes optimal use of the options available under German inheritance law. We also support you on drafting a will, estate planning by contract and business succession planning. As needed, we also provide counsel regarding taxation matters in cooperation with our in-house tax attorneys and consultants.

We have assisted persons and businesses from all over the world with the process of obtaining German visas or work and residence permits, immigrating to Germany and applying for German citizenship. Our German business immigration attorney can provide you with general information and can also guide you through the entire process.

IP rights protection are critical for every business type. Our IP law services include the registration and protection of your trademarks, designs, patents and utility models, as well as the management of your IP portfolio, conducting IP due diligence examinations, drafting of license agreements and IP litigation.

Most of our international clients are based in the US or other English-speaking countries, in Russia, China and France. Accordingly, we offer the following desks, which are staffed with attorneys and assistants who can assist clients from these core regions: 

The guiding principle of data protection law in Germany is very restrictive: any use of data is prohibited, unless there is a provision of the law or a valid contract or agreement explicitly allowing for a particular type of data usage. Data usage is also broadly construed to mean any data storage, data transmission or data alteration. Given how stringent German data protection law is, it is important to work with experienced business attorneys who can help you create a data protection concept that conforms with German privacy law while still satisfying the practical, day-to-day needs of your business.

Our attorneys advise clients on all aspects of German real estate law, including the purchase, sale, maintenance, remodeling and commercial use of real estate properties.

Our attorneys believe that one should always look into the possibility of settling disputes and avoiding litigation. An out-of-court settlement can save time and money and may be more beneficial. However, when required, our successful and experienced litigation team will vigorously represent you in any of the German courts so that you can present your case as well as possible and seek legal redress and compensation.

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