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U.S. Visa - Legal Support for your U.S. Project

Living and working in the USA only with a visa

If you want to work and live in the USA, you will need a residence permit that generally has to be obtained before entering the USA from the competent U.S. consulate. This is not easy: Over time, extremely sophisticated immigration and residence laws have evolved in the United States. For instance there are visa that are particularly suitable for entrepreneurs, who wish to invest or engage in business in the USA (like the E1 visa, E2 visa, L1 visa, B1 visa). Other U.S. visa are especially appropriate for talented artists, athletes, or scientists. There is also a special visa for representatives of the press and broadcasting industries.  

Procedures, Costs, Further Information

The requirements for being allowed to live and work in the USA are high. It is not unusual that applications are rejected for lack of proper preparation. Given the importance of their U.S. business, especially companies cannot afford delays of this kind. We will be very pleased to help you get through the application procedure without trouble. Our fee for a detailed initial consultation that refers to your specific case is moderate.

For the subsequent preparation and support throughout the application procedure for all visa categories (e.g. the categories of E visas and L visas), we offer our clients billing based on hourly rates with minute-based billing as well as fixed fees on request. For companies that would like to apply for several visas at the same time or need our support on a regular basis, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer taking into account our special company discounts.

For more detailed information on U.S. visa regulations and the different types of U.S. visas, please refer to our website, which we have especially developed for this purpose. 

How to start: Our initial consultation offer

In a first discussion with you, we will be glad to clarify which visa will be most appropriate for your project, whether you fulfill the various preconditions, or whether this can be achieved in your specific case. We will be pleased to assist you – whether here on-site at the German U.S. consulate in Frankfurt, at one of our other locations, over the phone or comfortably via (browser-based) video conferencing.

Your attorneys for any questions on U.S. visa and green cards

Do you have any questions on U.S. immigration law? Are you planning to post workers in the USA? Are you interested in obtaining a green card? We support your U.S. project as a strategic partner and assist you even after a successful entry to the USA with our legal and tax expertise.

Your English-speaking contact partners for any questions relating to U.S. visas are Attorney Thomas Schwab (expert on visas) and U.S. Attorney Paul Bess. The easiest way to reach us is via e-mail ( or, if you prefer, by phone (+49 (0) 69 76 75 77 80). Of course, you are very welcome to arrange an appointment at a time that best suits you by using our online booking tool. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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