Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

We have compiled this FAQ to provide you with quick answers to common questions, even outside our business hours.

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Consulting / Representation

1. Does WINHELLER advise private individuals?

Yes, in this respect our focus is on private individuals with complex financial arrangements (real estate companies, large private real estate assets, corporate assets and shares, assets abroad, crypto investments, etc.) In particular, we provide advice to wealthy private individuals in the areas of succession, asset structuring, asset protection, foundations, real estate and corporate investments, tax optimization, business immigration and crypto tax law.

2. I need assistance now. Can I speak with an advisor (lawyer, tax advisor) immediately?

Despite the generally high level of activity in our firm, we try to help out our clients quickly and without stress. We are usually able to offer new clients an appointment within three to five business days. In urgent cases, we can arrange to see you sooner. If you would like to be advised, please speak to our team of assistants as soon as possible.

3. Do consultations take place only at your main office in Frankfurt/Main?

Depending on the applicable legal field, we may advise you in our offices in Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich. Advising over the phone or through video conferencing is independent of location. In certain cases we are also able to make house calls.

4. Do you offer the option of encrypted communication?

Yes, we have been using WebAkte by e.consult Aktiengesellschaft, a product certified by the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Agency) for many years.

5. What documents do I need to provide prior to an initial consultation?

That depends entirely on your specific request. In any case, our administration team will inform you in advance which documents our consultants need for a successful initial consultation. Of course you can also just send us any documents you consider appropriate before a consultation appointment on your own initiative.

6. What languages are spoken at WINHELLER?

We offer our consulting services in German and English. Additionally, some of our consultants also speak Russian, Polish, French, Italian and Spanish.

7. Does WINHELLER also provide consulting services internationally?

International, cross-border consulting is our strong suit. Our firm offers legal advice in German, U.S. and Russian law. In addition, we maintain well-established contacts with trusted cooperation partners in almost every country worldwide. If you have any questions concerning international affairs, you have come to the right place.

8. What is WINHELLER's understanding of full-service consulting?

With more than 80 employees and consultants, we cover almost all areas of business law typically requested by our clients. Our aim is to assist you in all matters of law and taxation, so that all you need is one single point of contact - us - and you do not have to hire several law firms separately.

9. Is WINHELLER able to represent me before all types of courts?

We represent our clients before all courts in Germany with the exception of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH), before which only designated BGH lawyers may appear (who in turn may not appear before any other courts). In proceedings before the BGH we work, like all other law firms, with BGH lawyers familiar to us. In exceptional cases, we also appear in court in the USA. For other proceedings abroad, we rely on our local partner law firms on site.

10. Why are WINHELLER's contract documents so detailed?

We take things seriously - both with regard to our work for you as well as to our own business. Knowing that many law firms handle matters differently, it is our aim to implement the requirements of German and European law (data protection, money laundering regulations, consumer information etc.) in a legally impeccable manner. As a result, our contract documents are accordingly extensive. We hope for your understanding in this respect. We too would prefer to keep it simple.

11. I would like a consultation, but wish to remain anonymous. Is that possible?

Unfortunately not. For tax purposes, we need to know the concrete identity of the beneficiary of our services. As a legal and tax firm, we are also subject to the laws and regulations regarding money laundering, and these require us to know who we are advising. Thirdly, it is important that we are able to avoid conflicts of interest, which is only possible when we know the identities of our clients. You need not worry: we are legally obligated to maintain client confidentiality, and revealing the identities of our clients without authorization is punishable by law. We are your loyal and confidential advisors!


1. How long is an initial consultation and how much does it cost?

You should plan about an hour for the first appointment. The exact length can of course vary depending on the subject of your inquiry. Billing may be calculated on an hourly basis (precise to the minute - no rounding to the nearest quarter hour, etc.) or as a flat fee. For our advisors' hourly rates, please contact our team of assistants.

2. How does WINHELLER calculate fees?

After the initial consultation we generally bill according to our hourly rates. In many cases, we can also offer our clients a flat fee for our services. Please note that we will need detailed information about the case in order to determine a flat fee. It may be necessary to set an initial appointment first to discuss the exact nature of your requirements and determine which services will be provided and covered in the flat fee. Further information can be also obtained here.

3. Can I speak with an advisor on the phone for free before my first appointment?

Sometimes this kind of preliminary interview is necessary in order to determine which of our advisors is best suited for your needs. However, in most cases, our trained team of assistants can immediately select the best advisor for you and create an appointment. Our assistants will be happy to discuss the next steps with you.

4. I had to cancel an appointment. Will I be charged?

We realize that other things sometimes get in the way of appointments. If you will not be able to make an appointment, please let us know in advance. Cancellations made at least 24 hours before the appointment time will not be charged.

5. I have legal protection insurance. Will my insurance cover your fees?

Usually we bill our services directly through the client and not through insurance companies. This is due to the fact that the services we offer tend to be focused in areas that legal protection insurances do not cover. When coverage applies, it is usually limited to the statutory fees, and may not cover our rates. However, please do not hesitate to inform us if you or your firm are insured. We will gladly discuss the extent of your coverage during consultation or during the course of our work for you.

Social Committment

1. We are a nonprofit organization. What are your criteria for pro bono advising?

WINHELLER believes in social responsibility and the promotion of the pro bono mentality. With this view, we focus our pro bono work on advising nonprofit organizations. Due to our limited capacity, we are unable to advise private clients and firms pro bono. You can find more information on our page Pro Bono Responsibility.

2. Does your firm donate to charitable causes?

Yes, we support various social projects. More information is available on this page.

3. How do you support students?

We are active in areas of accountancy and law that may be interesting for many university students. We frequently receive communications from students of business, economics, law, social science, and computing requesting that we review theses and dissertations, or asking for interviews to use as part of the research. We would love to be able to agree to all of these, as we believe in doing our part to support the next generation, but unfortunately our time is limited. Instead, we incorporate students long-term into our day-to-day operations, and consistently employ legal interns and research assistants from varying degree programs. At WINHELLER, you will not only have the opportunity to be directly involved in our legal and tax work, you will become a full-fledged member of our team and receive both the necessary mentoring and an exciting look into the practice you are helping carry forward. Interested? Take a look at our Careers page.


What is WINHELLER's position on diversity?

Our professionals come from six different countries and speak ten languages. Almost half of our employees are female. The top management level is 50 percent female, the mid-level management team is 35 percent female and 65 percent male. We offer an inspiring and exciting work environment in which employees can continuously evolve and are invited to find, develop and live out their potential. Diversity is very important to us. We strive to create a living corporate culture that retains its value and yet is in constant evolution. All our employees, regardless of age, gender, nationality or religious affiliation, are committed to giving their best. Openness and respect are fundamental values for us. We embrace diversity - out of conviction, not compulsion. This is also demonstrated by our endorsement of the "Charter of Diversity".

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