Asset Protection in Germany

Asset Protection in Germany

Asset protection and growth of company and private assets

The appropriate legal form and the suitable protective shield for your assets will take your asset organization to another level. Get more out of your performance and optimize your asset development. Our experienced attorneys and tax advisors will show you how smart asset protection works.

Our advisors will build a profitable and protective structure for your company and those of your private assets that are especially important to you (including real properties, cash values, and securities). This will reduce your tax burden and protect your most important assets for you and your family.

Asset Protection in Germany

Companies are exposed to attacks and demands

A successful company is exposed to numerous attacks and demands. Competitors, fiscal authorities, social security funds, politics, certain consultants and, in individual cases, even an entrepreneur's employees or family members sometimes tend to think of the company with a sense of entitlement and bleed it dry. It is therefore one of the entrepreneur's ongoing duties to protect the company against third-party attacks and demands.

The suitable structuring of the company and private assets is extremely important in this context. The selection of the appropriate legal form can protect the company and assets against many threads. It will be part of our consulting assignment, to work out together which legal form will be the best in your specific situation.

Our services for your asset structuring include

  • impartial top-down look at your assets
  • structuring recommendations far beyond everyday tax advice
  • legal and tax optimization of your company form
  • developing "holding shells" that offer yield advantages and protection
  • individualized calculation of the financial consequences on your asset development
  • integration of the specific characteristics of your private, personal, and family situation
  • drafting articles of association, partnership agreements or shareholders' agreements
  • cooperation with your proven legal and tax advisors
  • support in matters requiring notarization
  • advice on aspects of the laws governing stock corporations (AG) and limited liability companies (GmbH)
  • advice on all aspects of foundation law (family trusts and charitable trusts)
  • advice on the law governing asset management partnerships
  • at your request, implementation of tax models and tax advice
  • due diligence reviews in case of new investments
  • conversions and spin-offs

Your attorney for asset protection

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