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Nonprofit Organizations in Germany

We advise nonprofit organizations, businesses and the public sector

WINHELLER is well known for its expertise in German nonprofit law and provides strategic legal and tax planning advice to a number of large German nonprofit organizations (NPOs). But our nonprofit attorneys also provide counsel to international NPOs and charities – many of which are based in the U.S. and are seeking to establish a presence in Germany. Our services include advice regarding all aspects of German nonprofit law and German nonprofit tax law, including the founding and management of German charitable Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and tax compliance.

Furthermore, our accountants regularly work with our clients’ finance and bookkeeping departments to ensure that their donation-soliciting activities comply with German law and industry accreditation and certification standards.

We advise holistically

In addition to German nonprofit law and tax law, our nonprofit-specialized attorneys are also experts in

And because today’s NPOs do more than collect and distribute donations, we also advise NPO clients on matters related to

Establishing a German nonprofit organization and managing its daily business activities

Whether you are starting from zero, outsourcing activities or transforming an existing NPO, our nonprofit-specialized attorney can help you plan and execute each step of your journey to ensure legal compliance and long term success. With WINHELLER you will also benefit from receiving your legal and tax advice from the same source, which will ease the management of day-to-day operations and the speedy resolution of unexpected issues.

Your Nonprofit-specialized Lawyers for NPO matters

are available to address all of your legal needs regarding any aspect of nonprofit law, including tax treatment. Whether you are founding a new nonprofit or just have a single questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+49 (0)69 76 75 77 80).


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We congratulate our colleagues, Olga and Philipp, on the newly awarded specialist titles of specialization.


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At the beginning of October, our WINHELLER “Oktoberfest” took place at a lofty height on the 15th floor of Tower 185 in Frankfurt/Main.





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