Benjamin Kirschbaum, German Attorney at Law

Benjamin Kirschbaum

German Attorney at Law

Benjamin Kirschbaum, German Attorney at Law

German, English

Attorney Benjamin Kirschbaum mainly works on matters relating to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In this field, he offers our clients comprehensive advice on all aspects of tax law, financial supervision, and civil law. His sound technical knowledge enables him to advise FinTechs and to accompany them in building up their structures in a legally compliant way. In addition to designing tax-optimized structures, he focuses on the cooperation with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). In this context, he assists our clients not only during the permission procedure under the German Banking Act and the German Payment Services Supervision Act but also during the implementation of the structures required under these laws and the Money Laundering Act.

In addition, Benjamin Kirschbaum works on matters relating to general civil law, administrative law, canon law and the law on religions. In particular, he is responsible for protecting religious corporations under public law from claims asserted against them by state jurisdiction, for taking civil actions against false factual allegations and defamations, and for settling social and labor law matters in this field.

Benjamin Kirschbaum studied legal sciences at the Free University of Berlin. During a term abroad in Singapore, he studied corporate law within the common law system and commercial law. He completed his practical legal internship at the Supreme Court of Berlin and WINHELLER's Frankfurt/Main office.


  • Banking and Capital Markets Law
  • Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies
  • Canon Law & Law on Religions
  • Tax Law


  • The Future of Blockchain Payment, MPE - Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference, Berlin, 21.02.2019
  • Smart Contracts – Is Code Law?, 2nd Blockchain and Smart Contracts Summit, Berlin, 14.02.2019
  • Panel discussion, ChainPoint'18, Yerevan, Armenia, 14.11.2018 
  • Blockchain Regulation and Tax in Germany, The BlockBeats Conference 2018, Munich, 16.10.2018


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  • Ether Classic und Bitcoin Cash: Bilanzierung und Besteuerung von Kryptowährungen aus einer Hard Fork, Benjamin Kirschbaum and Anka Hakert, DStR, 17/18, p. 881ff.
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  • The Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Law Review - Chapter 11 – Germany, Nikola Werry, Benjamin Kirschbaum and Jens-Marwin Koch, Law Business Research, 12/2017, p. 131–143, 4th edition 2017

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