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We live our client/attorney relationships as true partnerships: we are curious to understand our clients' business, and our clients appreciate the excellent work product we provide. Please find below our reference list containing some of our valued clients ordered by the specific field of business they are engaged in.

Further references will gladly be made available upon request.

Nonprofit Organizations & Public Sector

Absolventum Mannheim e.V.
Attac Trägerverein e.V. 
(Frankfurt a.M.) 
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Deutschland KdöR (Frankfurt a.M.)
Ärzte für die Dritte Welt e.V. (Bonn)
Baugenossenschaft Langen eG (Langen)
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung 
Cleft-Kinder-Hilfe Professor Hermann Sailer Stiftung
FC Schalke 04 e.V. (Gelsenkirchen)
Freunde von Meir Panim e.V. (Germany/Israel)
Gemeinnützige Respekt! Kein Platz für Rassismus GmbH (Frankfurt a.M.)
Gesellschaft für Immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung e.V. (Wiesbaden)
Iglesia Ni Christo (Philippines/USA)
KinderSpielHaus gGmbH (Karlsruhe)
Kinderzeit Gute Zeit gGmbH (Schwalbach)
Landesstiftung "Miteinander in Hessen" (Wiesbaden)
Landesverband der Gehörlosen Hessen e.V. (Frankfurt a.M.)
Le Jardin Multilinguale Kindereinrichtungen gGmbH (Frankfurt a.M.)
Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V. (Frankfurt a.M.)
nph Deutschland e.V. (Karlsruhe)
nph Stiftung - Hilfe für Waisenkinder (Karlsruhe)
Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband e.V. (Frankfurt a.M.)
Raule-Stiftung Kleine Füchse (Wiesbaden)
Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen - Zentrale e.V. (Dortmund)
Startup Germany e.V. 
Türkisch-Islamische Union der Anstalt für Religionen e.V. - DITIB (Köln)
Deutsche Vereinigung für Finanzanalyse und Asset Management - DVFA e.V. 
(Frankfurt a.M.)
Vereinigung der Haus-, Grund- und Wohnungseigentümer Frankfurt am Main e.V
Vereinigung Technischer Analysten Deutschlands e.V. (VTAD)
World Bicycle Relief 
(USA, Germany and other)
YANA Stiftung - You are not alone

Banks, Financial Institutions & FinTechs

Bitcoin Deutschland AG (Herford)
Bits of Gold Ltd. (Israel)
Bitwala GmbH (Berlin)
Coinfinity GmbH (Austria)
DASH Embassy D-A-CH (Lübeck)
Erste Bank der österreichischen Sparkassen AG (Vienna)
First Coin GmbH (Frankfurt a.M.)
Forex Capital Markets, Ltd (USA, Germany)
IOTA Foundation (Berlin)
Dolphinvest Consulting GmbH (Frankfurt a.M.)
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd. (Israel)
Nomura International plc, German Branch (Frankfurt a.M.) 
Private Residences – Luxury Real Estate Group (Spain, Austria, Switzerland)
Deutsche Vereinigung für Finanzanalyse und Asset Management - DVFA GmbH(Frankfurt a.M.)
VLS Group (Antwerp)

Further clients include:

  • Venture Capital company based in Germany with a branch in the USA
  • US Savings Bank
  • Large Family Offices - from Germany and abroad
  • Great number of financial broking corporations nationwide
  • Pool of financial brokers acting nationwide
  • Asset managing corporations
  • Financial service providers - from Germany and abroad
  • Substantial private and institutional investors (representation in security law cases before German courts and - in cooperation with Kessler, Topaz, Meltzer & Check, LLC - in US legal proceedings, e.g. Army and Airforce Exchange Service (AAFES), important pension fund of the US military)
  • One of the largest collection agencies in Russia

Media, Entertainment, Fashion

Dracco-Gruppe (Denmark, Hong Kong, Netherlands and other)
Fashion One (Europe) N.V.
Flyeralarm GmbH (Würzburg)
Golden Alligator GmbHTextbroker International, LLC (USA)
MARKENMODELS Modelagentur & Castingagentur (Frankfurt a.M.)
poplab studios (Austria)
Ruf Records GmbH (USA, UK)
Stage Entertainment GmbH 
(Germany and other countries)

Additional clients include:

  • A major German telecommunications corporation (Germany)
  • Several performing arts agencies in Germany and abroad
  • A shareholder of a worldwide well-known fashion TV station
  • A US media group specializing in innovative digital media
  • etc.

Machine Building, Plant Construction & Electrical Engineering

Alfred Raith GmbH (Germany, worldwide)
(Germany, Switzerland, GB, Slovenia, P.R. China)
CCPI Inc (USA, worldwide)
Clarity Medical Systems Inc. (USA, worldwide)
CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (China)
DRIAM Anlagenbau GmbH (Germany, USA, Japan)
JSC Energoprom Management (Russia)
Lytzen A/S (Denmark, worldwide)
InnoLas Systems GmbH (Germany, worldwide)
Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH (Germany, worldwide)

Additional clients include:

  • One of the biggest international producers of forged railway wheels
  • Russian - German joint venture (issue of modular construction elements for buildings using nanotechnology)
  • International company with major scope of activity in exporting wooden logs and lumbers from CIS region

Health care, Pharma & Biotech

ADInstruments Ltd. (UK, New Zealand, worldwide)
Atlant Clinical GmbH (Germany, Russia, UK)
Ärzte für die Dritte Welt e.V. (Bonn, Germany)
Bio Life Sciences Pte Ltd. (Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel)
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Berlin, Germany)
Clarity Medical Systems Inc. (USA, worldwide)
Coral Club International (Germany, Europe, Israel, Russia)
RAM GROUP  (Singapore, Germany, Israel)

Telecommunications & IT

Buhl Data Service GmbH (Germany)
Data Display GmbH (Germany, worldwide)
Gehtsoft Group (Russia/USA)
MapIT (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)
Rally Group GmbH
UDP Technology Ltd. (South Korea, USA, UK, China, Germany)
Unified Inbox GmbH (Frankfurt a.M., Germany)
Unified Inbox PTE Ltd. (Singapore)

Additional clients include:

  • One of the largest national telecommunications operator in Russia and Europe
  • One of the worldwide biggest video-chat entertainment platform 

Other Industries

All Service Unternehmensgruppe (Frankfurt a.M.)
Druck- und Verlagshaus Zarbock GmbH & Co. KG (Frankfurt a.M.)
ESKA-Welt GmbH (Eislingen)
Fink Schuhe & Sport GmbH (Bretzenheim)
Global Oil & Gas AG (Germany, USA)
NAKHIMOV Yachts Monaco SARL (Monaco, worldwide)
RMV Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund GmbH (Hofheim am Taunus)
Sodexo, Onsite Services (Rüsselsheim am Main)

Further clients include:

  • Russian group of companies specializing in development, production and distribution of food
  • One of the largest meat producers and suppliers in the Russian market
  • International company specializes in production, sale and application of synthetic resins for floor coatings
  • Ukraine located group specializing in processing, production and sales of fruits and vegetables
  • Russian patent law firm with a wide range of services in intellectual property protection and copyright law

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