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In the past few years, the sponsoring model has gained more and more relevance in the German nonprofit sector. Today, it has grown to be a significant revenue stream for nonprofit organizations in Germany. Many nonprofit organizations throughout various parts of the third sector have already built up strong partnerships with firms and companies and use the means of sponsoring in Germany as a new financing tool in addition to collecting donations and membership fees.

Supported by our cooperating partners and sponsoring-specialized lawyers in the German sponsoring field, we aim to accomplish two goals with our professional work. Firstly, the sponsors' donation must provide the individual charitable organization with all necessary means to conduct a successful as well as sustainable business. Secondly, the individual sponsor's financial burden should be relieved as best as possible, so that, at the end of the sponsoring process as a whole, the individual sponsor will be relieved at least in parts from his financial obligations. Only if both goals are met, charitable organizations are able to further strengthen their already existing partnerships with the sponsor.

Attract Sponsors in Germany

Furthermore, charitable organizations will find it much easier to attract new sponsors and to meet their goals in the future and to build up a sustainable sponsoring model. To avoid mistakes in the setup of a professional sponsoring model in Germany between the sponsor and the induvidual charitable organization, the development of a legal and tax secured sponsorship concept and contract work should always stand in the center of a successful partnership. Our sponsoring-specialzed attorneys are happy to assist you in all matters of the set up process, also if sponsoring documents need to be notarized.

Today, Corporate trading, as this innovative sponsoring model in the third sector is called in the United States, has found its way from the US to the model of sponsoring in germany. We dedicate our work in particular to those nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurs who receive one-off or periodic payments from an individual sponsor above a total sum of EUR 250,000.

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Sponsoring Attorney Johannes Fein (Certified Specialist for Tax Law) and Attorney Alice Romisch (Certified Specialist for Tax Law are looking forward to answering any questions regarding sponsoring in Germany and charities in Germany. Please contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+49 (0)69 76 75 77 80).


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