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German Public Commercial Law

Legal advice for private actors and public authorities

Public commercial law regulates the participation of the state in economic life and the activities of the state with which it intervenes in a controlling manner in economic affairs. Among other things, the state can act on its own or make use of private partners, steer and promote private activities by means of incentives (e.g. subsidies, grants and taxes), supervise the market and create the necessary framework through appropriate legislation.

As a law firm rooted in the third sector, our attorneys offer advice in all areas of public commercial law. In this field, we are equally partners of the public sector and its companies as well as partners of private actors.

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Our consulting services in public commercial law

... for private actors

Our attorneys assist private actors (e.g. private companies, foundations, NGOs and NPOs) in public commercial law in the following areas, among others

  • the applications for authorizations,
  • the application for grants and subsidies,
  • award procedures,
  • public law issues within the scope of transactions as well as
  • cooperation with the public sector and its companies (e.g. public-private partnerships).

... for the public sector

We support the public sector (ministries, authorities, corporations and foundations under public law, special purpose associations, municipalities, communes, etc.) and their companies in the following areas, 

  • the taxation of public authorities and their companies,
  • restructuring:
    • conversions,
    • transactions,
    • privatizations,
    • re-municipalisation and
    • public-private partnerships,
  • internal, extrajudicial and judicial disputes,
  • legislative procedures (laws, statutes, etc.),
  • municipal law issues and matters relating to inter-municipal cooperation,
  • grant procedures (or subsidies procedures),
  • state aid audits,
  • award procedures and
  • environmental law.

High-quality advice through interdisciplinary cooperation

Our team of advisors in public commercial law works closely with other areas of our firm. These include

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