IP Portfolio Management in Germany

IP Portfolio Management in Germany

Tailored IP portfolio management service

Since intellectual property is a type of property, it should be treated as an asset. The collection of all intellectual property owned by a person or a company is called IP portfolio. This may contain

An IP portfolio often contains the results of numerous hours and plenty of money invested into research and development. We help you monetizing, shaping and examining your IP assets by comprehensive intellectual property portfolio management.

IP Rights Management Law Firm

Intellectual property asset management

Because intellectual property mostly does not come with a fixed price, we will help you to understand the value of your IP assets. In addition to examining the value, we can also look after the registration status, thus making sure your patent belongs to you for more years to come.

IP portfolio management: Monetizing your intellectual property

There are differnt ways to make money from your intellectual property. In addition to selling patents or rights, you can also grant another party a license for usage. Such a license could be exclusive or non-exclusive (depending on your negotiation) and be paid for

  • one time (through a lump sum payment),
  • in certain installments (i.e. quarterly) or
  • per unit sold (like a royalty).

Your IP portfolio management laywer

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