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IP Litigation Germany

Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation in Germany

The process of creating intellectual property rights can be a considerable investment in both time and money for the proprietors of these rights. Developing, testing, researching and writing, as well as marketing are time consuming tasks necessary for dealing with intellectual property rights. Therefore, the labor and funds spent in obtaining intellectual property rights will only amount to a sound investment if those rights are enforced against infringers. Trademark infringement, copyright infringement, and other violations of intellectual property rights are tortuous acts committed by people and businesses eager to capitalize on the investment of successful intellectual property owners. Such acts diminish the value of intellectual property rights, business profits, and good will. Owners of intellectual property act negligently if they do not enforce their statutory rights as enforcements against infringement which can result in partial or total nullity of the use of that patent.

Experienced IP litigation lawyers represent your business

Does your company own intellectual property or has a valid patent in Germany? Has your patent just been infringed by a competitor in the German market and you want to defend yourself and your intellectual property against the infringement? WINHELLER Litigation Germany Attorneys  support intellectual property owners with enforcing their intellectual property rights against infringers, also within disputes. Our IP litigation attorneys defend patent infringement and disputes of any kind. The existing German patent law protects the owner of intellectual property and patens in case of an infringement to a wide extend, and in cases of infringement the aim of our lawyers is to get an injunction to stio the violation against intellectual property. In addition to claiming injunctive relief, holders can also request full information. Furthermore, they can claim indemnification for the damage caused by the infringement and own the right to claim for the destruction. Additionally, our attorneys can defend those who have been accused of intellectual property rights violations.

Our specialists in the field of IP infringement litigation Germany assist in the following areas:

  • Trademark infringement litigation and defense
  • Copyright litigation and defense
  • Anti-trust litigation and defense
  • Misappropriation of trade secret litigation and defense
  • Matters before the German Patent and Trademark Office
  • Enforcement of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Patent infringement litigation and defense

Your IP litigation attorney in Germany

Your contact persons for all questions related to IP litigation and its infringement in Germany are our litigation experts Attorney Olga Stepanova (Certified Specialist for Intellectual Property Law) and Attorney Patricia Jechel. Please contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+49 (0)69 76 75 77 80).


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