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Legal advice on German copyright law across all industries

Many companies have numerous questions about the protection of copyrights and copyright law in Germany.

Our copyright attorneys can assist you with the protection and enforcement of your copyrights and trademarks (and related rights) in all industries. This applies in particular to the software sector, which is becoming increasingly relevant in times of advancing digitization.

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Counseling on copyright licensing and enforcement

Monetary exploitation of your copyrights requires the most comprehensive planning possible, both nationally and internationally, starting with the discussion and drafting of your licensing terms and other necessary agreements, through the acquisition of appropriate licenses from third parties, to the necessary negotiations with the rights owners or acquirers in Germany and abroad. Of course, our copyright attorneys are also there for you when it comes to enforcing your copyrights in court.

International and German copyright law

Copyrights require protection both in Germany and abroad. Our copyright lawyers are happy to advise you on copyright issues even if your case has an international format. In this respect, we focus on U.S. copyright law. In complex cases, we consult with our foreign cooperation partners in order to successfully enforce your interests. In the case of copyright infringements by infringers based abroad, our local cooperation partners will also represent you in court.

Our legal services regarding German copyright law

Our services regarding German copyright law and copyright infringement include:

  • Drafting of licensing conditions
  • Drafting of other contracts required by German copyright law
  • Negotiations with the rights owners or acquirers
  • Enforcement of your copyrights in court

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