German Contract Law

German Contract Law

Legal advice on contract drafting and enforcement of claims

The main business of many companies in the real economy is the conclusion of

  • purchase contracts,

  • service contracts, and

  • work and materials contracts.

Large claims can quickly arise, the timely payment of which can be essential for the company's survival. As a result, protecting a company's legal interests should be top of mind from the beginning - not just when a conflict arises or litigation is necessary.

Legal Advice on German Contract Law

When drafting business contracts, especially where large sums are involved, nothing should be left to chance. General Terms and Conditions, payment terms or transfer of title provisions are useless unless they are compliant with German contract law and can be enforced by a German court.

Taking into account overlaps with other areas of law

Sales contracts for high value items require particular attention to other areas of law that may be implicated, such as German tax law or banking and finance law. To the extent, for example, that products are sold pursuant to finance leasing contracts or loans, obtaining approval from BaFin (the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) may be necessary to close the deal.

A contract lawyer has the experience necessary to help ensure that your contracts are legally compliant - allowing you to focus on your core business and stay ahead of the competition.

Our legal services regarding German contract law

As experts in German and international contract law, WINHELLER can help you with every aspect regarding your company's contracts - from drafting General Terms and Conditions to helping you enforce your legal claims in a German court. As a member of a network of international law firms, we can also manage your contract matters throughout the European Union, the U.S., China and the rest of the world.

Your German contract law attorneys

Our attorneys for the drafting of different contracts (such as purchase contracts, service contracts, etc.), for enforcing legal contract claims in Germany and the EU as well as any questions regarding the contract law of Germany are happy to answer your questions.

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