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Buying, Selling and Leasing German Real Estate

German real estate is a very attractive investment. Germany offers a strong and reliable legal regime. And large German cities such as Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin are vibrant economic and cultural hubs for investors, businesses and artists.

But to succeed in your real estate related venture, you need a local attorney who knows the law and the market. WINHELLER fills this role and can help you successfully navigate the German real estate market by providing you with full-service legal advice on all aspects of German real estate law – including everything from purchasing or selling real estate to issuing real estate funds.

Full-service advice and counsel on all aspects of German real estate law

Real estate transactions are notoriously complex because of the numerous interested parties (including architects, contractors, engineers, local authorities, licensing and zoning boards, notaries and investors) and the large amount of money at stake. Making matters worse, German real estate law is controlled by a variety of different laws and statutes – as well as authorities tasked with monitoring compliance with these laws on federal, state and municipal levels. For example, real estate projects often implicate significant tax law issues which must be carefully addressed.

One must attend to all of these issues, including relevant German laws, with care. It is therefore highly advisable to speak with an experienced German real estate attorney before planning, starting or completing any German real estate transaction.

Our real estate attorneys know firsthand the complexity of real estate projects and tailor their legal advice accordingly – so that you can avoid problems before they start and focus on keeping your project on track and on time.   

Matters that our real estate attorneys can assist with include:

  • Drafting and review of real estate purchase contracts
  • Assessment and enforcement of claims for damages against intermediaries, funds and other involved parties, both in and out-of-court
  • Legal advice regarding the encumbrance of real estate properties
  • Advice regarding the advantages and disadvantages of owning residential apartments in Germany
  • Asserting construction defect claims against architects or other providers
  • Providing legal advice for landlords regarding leases, evictions and other tenant matters
  • Support and legal advice throughout the entire German conveyance process

Your German real estate lawyer

Consult a real estate lawyer to successfully facilitate the process of buying, selling or leasing real estate in Germany. Your expert attorney for all issues related to German real estate law is Attorney Boris Piekarek. Please contact him via e-mail ( or by phone (+49 69 76 75 77 80).


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