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Experienced German Litigation Attorneys

As in most other countries, litigation before a German court is a unique process that requires extensive planning and preparation. Accordingly, filing or defending against a lawsuit in Germany can be cost intensive. To minimize costs and save time, our WINHELLER attorneys can help you work with all relevant parties to resolve the matter out-of-court. If out-of-court arbitration is not successful or sensible, we can help you file or defend against lawsuits in Germany and in foreign jurisdictions.

Out-of-Court Solution of Disputes

At WINHELLER, our first goal is always to resolve a dispute out-of-court. Because litigation can cause costs to skyrocket and the outcome is rarely if ever predictable, our attorneys file cases in court only when it is absolutely necessary.

Given our focus on avoiding litigation where possible, we have extensive out-of-court dispute resolution experience that you can rely on to achieve your goals. And by providing you with far-sighted and comprehensive legal advice, we can help you make the right decisions at the outset – before costs spiral out of control or extensive damage control becomes necessary.

Working closely with you and taking into consideration your business needs and all relevant strategic factors, we can manage all of your dealings with your opponent as well as any expert witnesses or German or foreign co-counsel – so that the process will be as fast and economically efficient as possible and so that the outcome will suit your needs and goals as closely as possible.

Representation in German Courts

Although it is cost-intensive and tedious, there are times when litigation is the only remaining option. Or you may have been sued in a German court by another party. Whether you are defending against a lawsuit, managing one or deciding whether to file one, our German-licensed attorneys can help. Our attorneys are admitted to and can represent you in all relevant German courts. And if lawsuits are necessary or pending in jurisdictions outside of Germany, we can work with our network of international law firms to help you evaluate, file and manage lawsuits throughout the world.

If you are considering, facing or managing out-of-court or in-court litigation matters anywhere in Germany or the world, you can rely on WINHELLER to help ensure the best possible outcome. Feel free to contact us to discuss your matter and what strategies can be used to help you reach your litigation or arbitration goals in a cost efficient and expeditious manner.

Your attorney for litigation in Germany

Attorney Dr. Eric Uftring will drive your litigation efforts. If you are seeking specific advice, please send us an e-mail ( or give us a call (+49 (0)69 76 75 77 80).




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