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Doing Business in Germany

Frequently asked questions about doing business in Germany

When preparing to start a business in Germany, there are a lot of questions that need to be considered carefully. These include: 

  • Which legal entity will best suit the business?
  • How will business income and profits be taxed in Germany?
  • How to register a company in Germany?
  • Which corporate compliance laws apply?
  • How to obtain German employment visas for key employees?
  • Which German customs laws apply to imports?
  • How to hire staff in Germany and which employment law regulations apply?
  • Key aspects of German commercial law which may affect strategic business decisions in the start-up phase and beyond
  • Protection of the venture's new and future intellectual property under German IP law
Advice on Doing Business in Germany for Foreigners

Free guide: Doing Business and Investing in Germany

To provide you with an overview of the key aspects of doing business in Germany for foreigners, we offer you a free guide (Doing Business and Investing in Germany) with information about:

Advantages and benefits of doing business in Germany

Find out about the advantages of choosing Germany as business location and the characteristics of five important major German cities: Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Karlsruhe.


Disadvantages and risks of doing business in Germany


Important steps for starting a business in Germany


How to successfully enter the German business market, including:

  • the German visa application process and how to obtain work and residency permits
  • tips for identifying compliance issues and adopting appropriate plans and procedures
  • how to select the appropriate German legal entity, including the advantages and disadvantages of a representative office, a German stock corporation (AG) and a German limited liability company (GmbH)
  • important aspects of German law to consider when drafting or reviewing German business contracts, including distribution and employment agreements
  • special regulations pertaining to banking, finance and insurance brokering
  • how to protect your trademark from infringement in Germany
  • managing and pursuing lawsuits and litigation in German courts, including dispute resolution mechanisms

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Experienced in starting a business in Germany

Our WINHELLER attorneys have supported over 8,000 clients in these and other legal issues related to doing business in Germany. Whatever your needs - whether you need advice on where to base your company or details of German law - we can provide legal services that are tailored to the needs and goals of your business in Germany. Our team of experienced attorneys has the experience that is needed to make your German venture a success and guard it against liabilities and missteps.

If you are considering starting a German nonprofit, please see our other page regarding the creation and management of nonprofit organizations in Germany.

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