Living and Working in Germany as Expatriate

Germany traditionally has a strong economy and many international companies have at least one office in Germany. In addition to many jobs, Germany also offers numerous leisure activities and delightful food. It thus comes as no surprise that many expatriates live and work in Germany. 

Although getting around with just the English language is not that big a problem, German bureaucracy (including all sorts of documents) are often only available in German. In addition to its many jobs, Germany also boasts comprehensive employment laws. We want to help you not only with understanding the German employment law, but by making sure you have been treated fairly. 

In addition to German employment law, we can also help you with tax related questions or filing your German income taxes. No worries, our expertise surpasses income taxes and we can also answer many questions revolving around capital gains taxes in Germany and examine if a double-tax agreement with your native country exists.

Your attorney for expatriates in Germany

Attorney Dr. Eric Uftring (Certified Specialist for Employment Law) can help you with any question regarding German employment law and tax law. You can contact us by sending an e-mail ( or giving us a call at (+49 (0)69 76 75 77 80).





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