IT Project Contracts in Germany | Legal Advice

German IT Project Contracts | Legal Advice

Advice on IT project contracts in Germany from an IT law attorney

IT project contracts raise a number of legal questions in Germany. WINHELLER will accompany you in all your IT projects with competent and practical advice on IT project contracts. Regardless of whether you are planning

  • the development of application systems,
  • the introduction of new information systems,
  • the replacement of in-house solutions by standard software,
  • the implementation of process orientation via workflow systems,
  • the implementation of outsourcing projects,
  • the development of new hardware projects,
  • the development of inter-company networks,
  • the networking of IT systems,
  • the extension of the existing infrastructure or
  • the use of new safety systems,

we will represent your interests vis-à-vis cooperation and negotiation partners.

IT Project Contracts Germany

Legal compliance in every project phase

Whether it is a preparation, blueprint or support phase, complex legal challenges may await your company at any stage of your IT project in Germany. Whether coordination with the local works council is required on account of data protection concerns or contract amendments for your bring-your-own-device (BYOD) project make sense for your company, you must be able to act with legal sovereignty at all times in order to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible.

What to expect from working with an IT law attorney

We will advise you on every aspect regarding IT project contracts in Germany. We will also support you in the creation of guidelines within the framework of an effective IT governance, which plays a major role as a component of your centralized or decentralized IT and as an essential part of corporate governance.

It is essential today, primarily with challenging projects, to have an experienced partner who can support you in every phase of the project and point out pitfalls so that you can avoid them in good time.

Your attorney for IT project contracts in Germany

Would you like to make your IT project legally compliant or develop IT governance guidelines for your company? Our attorneys for IT project contracts will be happy to answer your questions.

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