German Antitrust Law | Legal Advice on Infringement Prevention

German Antitrust Law

Legal advice on infringement prevention

Antitrust regulation violations in Germany can lead to substantial financial losses for companies annually, and in extreme scenarios, can threaten their survival. Other potential risks include:

  • Significant reputation damage for the implicated companies
  • Penalties against companies, managing directors, and employees
  • Personal liability of managing directors, and
  • Criminal sanctions and third-party damage claims
German Antitrust Law: Legal Advice on Infringement Prevention

What requirements does antitrust law impose?

German antitrust law ensures fair competition and upholds the principles of a free market economy. It also aims to protect consumers by preventing harmful collusions and agreements. The fundamental elements of antitrust law include the prevention of price agreements, price alterations and calculations, as well as agreements between competitors regarding bidder and offer behavior in tenders.

In the sphere of antitrust compliance within a company, the formulation and incorporation of suitable preventive measures into a fully functional compliance management system are key.

Our legal services for antitrust law prevention

Our experts are always available with our exhaustive, practice-based strategies. We assist companies with preventive antitrust measures, such as:

and we also offer superior (extra-)judicial representation in the case of antitrust law violations, for instance in damage and recourse claims.

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