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Market entry in Germany

The entry into the German market is of great interest to many international companies. We support medium-sized companies in their expansion plans and advise them on all legal and tax issues in order to ensure the long-term success of their business abroad. We help you plan your project and advise you on German corporate law, tax law, employment law and visa law. Early planning is advisable, especially in terms of tax matters.

We often include one of our international partner firms in ongoing consultancy and planning, in order to ensure that the needs and objectives of your company are fully taken into account and implemented.

English speaking business lawyer in Germany

Advice of international companies on German Law

We advise foreign companies in close cooperation with their local attorneys as well as with our international partner law firms on all economic and tax issues that may arise regarding German law. In particular, we help companies to establish themselves in the German market.

Further, we also provide advice during the ongoing business. In addition to all the legal services required in the course of the market entry and distribution of products or services in Germany, we also take on the ongoing tax advice for our international corporate clients.

Typical fields of consulting in German and international law

  • Establishment of companies and all associated consultancy services
  • Choice of the correct legal form or other distribution channels, taking into account German and international tax law, employment law, visa law and liability
  • Drafting of business contracts in German and in English
  • Cross-border protection of intellectual property (trademarks, patents, etc.)
  • The optimization of tax issues also with regard to inheritance tax, and to cross-border transfers and transactions, taking into account the relevant double taxation agreement
  • Comprehensive economic and tax advice as well as representation of international companies and wealthy private clients in Germany (market entry in Germany, business foundations, real estate law, M&A, tax law, employment law, trademark law, inheritance law, banking and capital markets law, enforcement of claims, etc.)

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We have specialized consultants for each legal field of business law. Our attorneys for questions about international law are happy to help.

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