Establishing a Family Office in Germany

Establishing a Family Office in Germany

Professional asset management for your family

When it comes to safeguarding and augmenting your family’s wealth, the establishment of a family office in Germany is a wise choice. A family office is a bespoke solution, designed to meet the unique needs and objectives of your family. It provides a comprehensive suite of services to secure your assets for the long term and manage them effectively.

Lax Firm for Establishing a Family Office in Germany

Advantages of a family office

A family office presents several benefits, including:

  • Risk Management: We assist you in safeguarding your assets against financial risks and devise personalized strategies to mitigate risk.
  • Asset Allocation: Our seasoned team of experts and partners will assess your financial objectives and devise a custom-made investment strategy to achieve them.
  • Tax Optimization: We maximize your tax benefits through the implementation of smart tax strategies to lessen your tax liability.
  • Inheritance and Succession Planning: With our assistance, you can ensure a smooth transition of your assets to the next generation, considering all legal and tax aspects.
  • Professional Networks: We have a broad network of financial experts, attorneys, and other professionals to ensure your family always has access to the best resources.

Your steps towards a German family office

1. Needs analysis and objectives

The initial step is to comprehend your financial objectives, needs, and priorities. This includes considerations such as the size of your assets, your financial objectives (e.g., asset growth, inheritance planning, tax optimization), and your risk tolerance.

2. Defining legal structure and governance

In this phase, the legal structure of your family office is determined. This could be a foundation, a family holding company, a limited liability company, or another appropriate legal form. The governance structure, incorporating the definition of decision-making processes and responsibilities, is also established.

3. Selection of team and service provider

Choosing an experienced team of experts is crucial. This may include investment advisors, tax experts, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals. Selecting trustworthy asset management and custody service providers is also important. WINHELLER, with its vast contacts, is pleased to serve as your central point of contact.

4. Asset allocation and management

Based on your financial objectives and risk tolerance, your team of experts will devise an investment strategy tailored to your individual goals. This strategy determines how your assets are diversified and managed. It also considers aspects such as the selection of assets, asset classes, and instruments.

5. Tax and succession planning

Tax planning is a vital part of family office services. Our experts assist in minimizing your tax liability through smart strategies and the utilization of tax benefits. Succession planning ensures that your assets are transferred to the next generation as per your wishes.

6. Risk management

A comprehensive risk management program is developed to protect your assets from financial risks. This might include asset diversification, insurance, and hedging strategies.

7. Reporting and monitoring

The family office prepares regular reports on the performance of your portfolio and its financial growth. This enables you to monitor progress towards your goals and make adjustments if required.

8. Education and communication

Family members are included in the process and informed about developments and strategies. Communication within the family and with the family office is vital for success.

9. Ongoing adjustment

Financial goals and needs evolve over time. The family office constantly adapts and refines its approaches to suit these changes.

Your partner for setting up a family office in Germany

Establishing a family office demands meticulous planning and synchronization of all undertakings. Our experienced advisors can support you through every phase of this journey and ensure your individual and financial objectives are met.

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