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Family Governance in Germany

Family Governance instruments provide a structure that safeguards and fosters the growth of your values and family.

What is Family Governance?

Family governance is a family organization centered around an entrepreneur and their family. It utilizes a range of tools to amalgamate the entrepreneur’s personality, values, experiences, and ideas with the family, assets, and the company. Enclosed within a framework of rules, guidelines, and binding elements, structures, objectives, and values can be organized and applied to the family, the assets, and the company.

German Attorney for Family Governance

What instruments are utilized?

Key instruments include:

  •  The company’s articles of association,
  • Asset regulation, for instance, in the form of a holding company or a family office,
  • The family constitution with its documented, transparent family values,

And additionally,

  • Regular family meetings,
  • Further training opportunities
  • Joint charitable commitment,
  • A system for conflict resolution.

A company advisory board is well recognized. A family council can be a beneficial personal instrument.

Why is Family Governance beneficial?

In essence, it’s about preserving values, maintaining unity, and fostering positive development processes.

Family Governance facilitates positive growth and development with concurrent security: family members, as well as the company and assets, continue to evolve while remaining unified. Change processes can occur in a manner that allows for cohesion, value preservation, and individual development scope for all participants - a win-win situation.

How do I develop suitable Family Governance in Germany?

Having a neutral advisor pose the right questions has proven to be effective. This initially prompts our clients to think within a prepared yet open framework. They gain clarity and ultimately take action. In this way, a value-based, substantial foundation is developed. It's a clarifying and insightful method of acknowledging the things that were influential in the past and remain important today.

In the next step, the instruments are chosen and prioritized to suit our client’s situation and help achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

The selection of instruments depends on the client's desires, the size and structure of the company and its assets, and the family situation. The outcome is typically a blend of central and supplementary elements. Depending on the objectives and the situation, the instruments are detailed or outlined. They can be arranged for permanent or frequent use or reserved for specific situations. The instruments can be interconnected (e.g., the family constitution as a preamble to the family foundation’s articles of association) or independent.

WINHELLER assists with your Family Governance

We guide you to your family system. Our legal and tax expertise, rooted in value-based work, ensures that you receive a system that functions and meets your requirements. Our entrepreneurial thinking and robust understanding of asset management ensure mutual understanding and the creation of a system that is practical, pragmatic, and most importantly, suitable for you.

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