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14.07.2020 - Tax Software for Private Crypto Investors: WINHELLER And ACCOINTING Form An Exclusive Partnership

Comprehensive management and tax software for the German crypto market    

Frankfurt/Main, 14.07.2020 – WINHELLER, the law firm specializing in crypto tax law, and the Swiss firm, ACCOINTING AG have entered into a strategic partnership and now offer German crypto investors an exclusive service for preparing their tax returns and managing their crypto portfolios. In addition to providing a comprehensive tax assistance, the portfolio management integrated in the "Accointing" software offers crypto investors a solution for the ongoing monitoring of their investments. Unlike its competitors, ACCOINTING sees itself as a reliable year-round companion for investors and offers more than "just taxes" once a year.

ACCOINTING offers crypto investors a free tool for managing crypto transaction in the basic version of its software bearing the same name as the company itself. By importing all crypto wallets or crypto exchanges via mobile or desktop version, all purchases and transfers can be stored and analyzed efficiently and centrally in one place in a reliable way. A further advantage: crypto investors receive support in deciding when to sell their assets at a tax-efficient time. The full version enables investors to prepare their individual crypto tax returns. For the development and support of the annual tax return, ACCOINTING relies on the individual tax reports in the German crypto market as well as a specially prepared enclosed letter from the WINHELLER law firm. The services are specifically tailored to the needs of German tax offices and help to significantly reduce the number of queries that are usually made by the authorities.

On request, further tax service components include personal support by WINHELLER cryptographic tax experts by phone, letters of objection as well as comprehensive tax advice through direct read access to ACCOINTING accounts. Crypto investors who do not want to create an account themselves can also get assistance from WINHELLER in the creation and management of accounts. "A German crypto investor will not find a more extensive service offer on the market. We are very happy to cooperate with WINHELLER, a partner who is very experienced in crypto tax cases", says Dennis Wohlfarth, Co-Founder of ACCOINTING AG. For the future, it is also planned that WINHELLER will audit the way tax results are calculated annually and certify the tax logic on which the software is based accordingly.     

"Our joint solution is fast, accurate and, above all, tailored to the needs of both crypto investors and tax authorities," says Benjamin Kirschbaum, attorney and team leader for crypto taxes at WINHELLER. "ACCOINTING AG is our preferred partner. The team has an excellent technical setup and has been particularly flexible in implementing many of our ideas for improvement. We are therefore convinced that "Accointing" will grow to become the leading software solution for German crypto investors and that we as a law firm will consolidate our strong position in advising crypto investors in Germany," adds Stefan Winheller, tax lawyer and managing director of WINHELLER. The law firm is a leader in the field of cryptographic currencies and, in addition to advising wealthy crypto investors, has specialized in the tax-optimized support of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Security Token Offerings (STO) as well as legal issues related to banking supervision.

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About WINHELLER Rechtsanwälte & Steuerberater: WINHELLER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH advises nonprofit organizations and trade associations, financial service providers, international companies and high-net-worth individuals on all commercial law and tax issues. The law firm counts among the top companies in tax law, nonrofit law and banking and capital markets law. In addition to its headquarters in Tower 185 in Frankfurt's Europaviertel, the firm has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Karlsruhe. The firm is a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, a worldwide network of over 200 boutique and tax law firms. 

About ACCOINTING: ACCOINTING AG develops software solutions for crypto investors and offers a solution for crypto beginners as well as for professional crypto investors with its software "Accointing". The basic idea behind "Accointing" is a free basic software, which gives the possibility to every investor to synchronize all used crypto exchanges and crypto wallets and thus to get an all-embracing overview of their investments. Accointing is one of the most popular software solutions in the rapidly growing international crypto market. With its headquarters in "Crypto Valley" in Zug, Switzerland, ACCOINTING AG has established itself in an important center of the crypto movement and is working with a globally decentralized team on new features for this innovative new industry.


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